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Why join?

Out of Hours was set up to remove all barriers to progressing a side project.

In November, we’re launching a membership programme. When you’re accepted, you’ll receive an invitation to the Out of Hours slack channel, and your own little Out of Hours exercise book. In the coming months, you’ll receive invites to:

  • Social events: meet interesting people working on their own side projects

  • Inspiring talks: on topics to help progress your project.

  • Working sessions: dedicated time & place for working on a side project.

Who should apply?

Out Of Hours is for you if you have a project that make you feel energised, that you set up because you felt the quiet pull to do something. This could be a creative project, or a socially impactful project. It won’t be a side hustle developed only for cash, but it might be a business. We don’t believe in selecting based on what job you do, how much money you earn, or how you dress, but we do believe in selecting based on passion and motivation. The criteria is simple:

  1. You must be in full time work

  2. You must have a side project you’re committed to progressing

  3. You must be curious, open-minded, keen to help and motivated.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dentist, teacher, or work at Google. It doesn’t matter if your side project is selling sustainably made bikinis, or setting up a diversity jobs board, what matters is that you are passionate about the work you do out of hours.

What's your name? *
What's your name?
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Don’t have a side project?

If you don’t yet have a project, but think you could help others with their side projects, please sign up to the newsletter to stay in touch and hear about the projects.

By @quotesbychrisite, found on instagram.

By @quotesbychrisite, found on instagram.