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Written by Elizabeth Vince

Here are some resources and suppliers who I’ve used to get Fulfilled off the ground (my refillable vegan hair and body care brand). I wanted to share in case it’s of any help to you guys.

  • Trademark lawyer - If the brand is really important to your business, might be worth trademarking it. All in, including IPO and lawyer fees, it was about £1000 but potentially the best investment you might make in your brand! I recommend Ward Trademarks.

  • Design app - whether its a poster or an instagram post, if you have at least half an eye for design then you can do it yourself with the Canva app. Its £9.99 monthly subscription.

  • Accountant - I’ve been recommended female-founded Zyla Accountants. Contact Their fees seem to be on par and sometimes a bit less than other accountants. They can help get you incorporated and do your year end accounts, VAT, bookkeeping etc even if you have a software like Xero. 

  • Website/app walkthroughs - I haven't used this yet but I’ve been recommended Record it app. Can be used as nice content for social.

  • Royal Mail Click and Drop - if you need to send a physical product and are starting with a low order quantity, just simply create a RM Click & Drop account with Royal Mail. Someone at RM suggested I to use my personal email address for this and then when I am ready for a fully fledged business account (when you can pay on a monthly invoice basis) I will use my business email. I print the labels at home using a regular printer using these A4 sheets of labels which are the right size for RM.

  • Eco-friendly packaging filler - check out VoidFill

  • Recycled business stationary - Jam Jar printing have good price and print quality.

  • Stickers for branding packaging etc - Discount Sticker printing has a good range of sizes and materials and good price.

  • Cardboard packaging/shipping boxes - Check out South West Packaging and ask for Abi. They can also use recycled board if required.

I've gone through the time and effort to research a lot of options to get to the above so it may just save you that time too! Good luck!