How to find a side project you love
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How to find a side project you love

  • London (exact location to be revealed) (map)
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Want to start a side project? Unfulfilled at work and want to do something creative on the side? Or maybe you have an idea but you’re too afraid (or too busy procrastinating!) to start?

We’re running a 2 hour workshop on starting a side project that aligns with your values and skill..

We’re doing them in small circles to keep it super intimate and ensure it’s useful.

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Out of Hours: The Working Session @ The Conduit
2:00 PM14:00

Out of Hours: The Working Session @ The Conduit

It is a monthly in-person session to discuss projects, set monthly goals, discuss challenges and drink coffee.

This month we are hosting it in the beautiful Conduit - a members club in the heart of Mayfair. The Conduit is known for being a place for social impact, so a great fit for people in full time work looking to do projects of purpose.

The rules:

It must be something you work on Out of Hours:

You must be in full time work, with a serious focus to develop your side project.

Diverse projects

Don't be afraid to do something different. Interdisciplinary thinking helps creativity, and different types of projects help widen the network of people and skillsets. Essential to help you get to where you need to.

A focus on side projects over side hustles:

Please come along if you’re working on something that matters to you - maybe to learn new skills or help the world. It's great to make money too, but shouldn't be the goal.

Come to give, not take:

Please be open and supportive to peoples ideas, and come to contribute and to learn.

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