The community for people working on side projects.

Work on things you care about, with the right people around you.

Side projects are cool.

Not everyone wakes up on Saturday morning and starts building, writing or planning.

It takes a special type of person to stop Netflix, scrolling and brunching to choose to work on the weekend, and it takes a certain type of person to have the bravery to follow their curiosity and start projects that they might fail at.

We set up Out of Hours to connect these magical people in the world looking to do more.

Out Of Hours was created because we think having side projects are key to making ourselves happier and healthier. By exploring things that feel intrinsically good and working on things that are truly interesting to us, we become more creative, more motivated, and more empowered in our daily lives.

We want to create 10x more people working on things they care about, and create 10x more things that should exist in the world. So everyone can silence their inner critic, and start the ideas that start with ‘I know this is stupid but I’d love to…’ or ‘one day I’ll…’.

We know having a strong community is essential to helping small ideas grow, but LinkedIn was too serious, Facebook too broad, and Instagram too shallow. So we decided to start offline.



We’ve created a monthly practice where people come together to work and discuss their projects out of hours. We have so far attracted magazine creators, designers, Alexa app builders, mixtape creators and even people planning book clubs. By meeting monthly, you’ll not just meet great people but you’ll also have a monthly check in for the projects you keep forgetting to finish.


INTERVIEWS: We interview inspiring people who have found the energy to find a side project they love.

MONTHLY MAILERS: We have a monthly mailer for your inbox and can be found on Instagram.

Everything is designed to be useful, and not junk. It’s designed to inspire, motivate & keep you connected to other people’s progress. If you’re interested in staying up to date, please do sign up.